The Hangover Brunch

Hungover? Sorry…not sorry!


Bar Elba is here to help cure all your hangover woes.

Join us every Saturday and Sunday where we’ll be serving up the ultimate hangover brunch as well as bottomless beer, Prosecco, Bloody Marys, Mimosas and Bellinis just to help take the edge off.

Not only that, we’ll be throwing in some live music, cus let’s face it, if we’re powering on through the hangover we may as well do it properly!

Our rooftop bar is now covered, the heating has been turned up and with that the music gets turned up too!

A wise person once said “A little party never killed nobody” and we tend to agree.

So whatcha waitin’ for Islanders? Get that hair of the dog and power on through with the Sorry Not Sorry Hangover Brunch!